Hackgender Project: One Week Call Responses

Physical Bodies


Thoughts on a Pink Bathing Suit: Hacking Fat Gender and Considering Femme

Submitted by Marianne Kirby


Dear Gok...A Letter From a Fauxmo

Submitted by Quiet Riot Girl


We Need to Talk About Bumming

Submitted by Quiet Riot Girl


Inside & Out: Thoughts on Gender Hacking Japan

Submitted by Del


Toys, Toys, Toys

Submitted by RaeAn


Butches and FTMs and Surgery oh my!

Submitted by Butchboi





Playing with my Gender Presentation Preferences

Submitted by Rosemary


Today I Am

Submitted by MonMouth


Searching for Feminine Subjectivity

Submitted by Sian and Crooked Rib


Lawyers, Look Like Men

Submitted by Seeksadventure


Writing...Dominant Women, Submissive Men

Submitted by Marie Carlson


Women in Construction, Construction of Women

Submitted by Jenny Tipping


Gender Hacking and the Big Picture Consequences

Submitted by Clarisse Thorn


Working on Being a Man

Submitted by Danny


Hacking Gender, Outlaw Style

Submitted by Kori



Virtual Bodies


The Female Avatar

Submitted by Alina Padilla-Miller


My Gender is...

Submitted by Genderqueer Hackers


Literary Crossdressing

Submitted by John Murray


Avatars of Desire

Submitted by Anastasia Salter


Questions that come to mind when I read iheartsl.com

Submitted by Bill Humphries



Gender and Popular Culture


Just Don't Die

Submitted by Katie Chico


Toon Temptation

Submitted by ChicaLolita


ISO Representation. Must Love Sci Fi.

Submitted by Paige K


Gender Crossing

Submitted by Katie Chico



Personal Reflections


Gender and Silence

Submitted by Ithiliana


Learning in Progress

Submitted by Robin Rudd


Wrestling Buddies and Unicorns

Submitted by Nicole Lorenz


Ten Things I Know About Gender

Submitted by Quiet Riot Girl


Guessing Games, Street Shame

Submitted by xMech


On Being A "Boy"

Submitted by Zeitgeist


What It's About: Musings from a Hairy Genderqueer

Submitted by Nino


Words, Words, Words

Submitted by Gwen Basil


Gender, Aging - A Memory

Submitted by Magenta


The Gender Project

Submitted by Casey Miles


Variant, Queer, Blend, Mix...

Submitted by Rhi



Twitter Talk


Hackgender Twapper Keeper

Butchid Twapper Keeper

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Further Readings


Transexy Time by Mark Simpson - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

Sex, Stereotypes and Beauty (Powerpoint) by the NOW Foundation - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

Photos of Pretty White People, Fucking by Britticisms - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

Fucking Masculinity by Fucktheory - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen by Still Black Film - Nominated by Deluxvivens

Interview with Judith Butler on Theory.org - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

U People by U People Movie Team - Nominated by Deluxvivens

Manliness and Feminism by Clarisse Thorn - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

Sex, Gender and Development: Challenging Heteronormativity by S. Khan and S. Jolly - Nominated by MnGreenall

A Gender Variance Who's Who by Zagria - Nominated by MsAnastasia

Just How Bad Is Porn, Anyway? by Jason Goldman - Nominated by Violetblue

Wiscon 34 Guest of Honor Speech by Mary Anne Mohanraj - Nominated by Andrhia

Real Men Do Rape by Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharp - Nominated by Quiet Riot Girl

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